Essenza di Romagna
Ltd., Trading as the
'Garden Of Italy'.

Essenza di Romagna Ltd., trading as ‘The Garden of Italy’ is a family owned UK registered business dedicated to the promotion of beautifully presented quality wines and products specifically from the Romagna Region of Northern Italy which forms the eastern part of the Emilia Romagna province. It is in Romagna that we have our family routes and these date back to war torn Italy where in 1944/45 a young RAF private from 454 Squadron met a girl from the enchanting fishing port of Cesenatico on the Adriatic coast. These were our parents who later spent their lives in the United Kingdom but our connections with the Romagna region have remained strong through close family ties and these family members are now very proud to help us promote this rich and diverse region.

Old wooden marked Montaia wine barrels stacked up
Large wooden striped Montaia wine barrels
Metal reflective wine vat Montaia

The region

A hidden gem of wine production with the wines produced in Emilia Romagna representing the character of Italian diet and culture for over 2,000 years. Our family routes have helped us to identify a range of locally produced quality wines that represent the heart and spirit of this region. We only source from independent family-owned vineyards who take great pride in their wines and who produce in limited quantities to ensure both quality and the preservation of their wine making techniques. We are committed to supporting these small wine producers in an effort to ensure their survival during a period in which mass producers have grown in dominance. Our exceptional wines bring the true style and enduring character of Romagna.

Our wines

Sangiovese is the undisputed king of red wines in Romagna. Sangiovese is the main grape of many excellent wines such as Brunello di Montalcino, Chianti, Montepulciano and Morellino di Scansano but here in the hills between Cesena and Imola it is represented by Sangiovese di Romagna (Awarded the prestigious DOC stamp of authenticity). We are delighted to represent these sangiovese wines with our Superiore Reserva (‘Sangio Oro’) together with our Superiore (‘Sangio’) and the ‘Vese’.

We are very proud also to show-case our Pignoletto (Pigno) which is a dry(secco) semi-sparkling white wine made from the grape of the same name which has been cultivated in this region since the first century AD. The Pignoletto is a hidden gem of this region which will take your taste buds to another level of style and class. The soul of this wine reflects the people of Romagna with their love for good living and long hazy lunches. It is ideal with alfresco dishes shared with family and friends or just for drinking socially. Our Prosecco is a class leader and comes highly recommended but why not also try our fantastic ‘Cuvee’ as a stylish alternative.


This, therefore, is us! We bring you an exceptional range of wines which are also beautifully presented in sumptuously liveried bottles with an ultra modern twist that is stylish and unique. Our wines are perfect for that special day, occasion, achievement, corporate event or wedding celebration – or just to enjoy with friends. The Garden Of Italy DOC and DOGC wine appellations are brought to you at prices which support the producer but represent excellent value when viewed against the quality of the product and the knowledge that these wines are produced with the skill, love and care that only these small producers can provide.

We hope that you enjoy!

The Region

The region consists of a large plain south of the river Po and a more mountainous area near the border with Tuscany and Marche. The area historically called Emilia is to the west and includes the provinces of Piacenza, Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena, Ferrara and the western part of the province of Bologna, whereas its eastern part, with the provinces of Ravenna, Rimini and Forlì - Cesena is called Romagna.

In the elegance and tranquillity of Romagna, the historic coastal town of Cesenatico which sits on the Adriatic coast, captures the essence of this region. The canal, which runs from the sea into the heart of the town, supports an active fishing community and was designed by Leonardo do Vinci in 1502. It was from this small port that many of the famous wines from this region were transported to other parts of Italy and beyond.

Sharing wine in the vineyard

UK Director Rob Oades, Alessandro Locatelli Cellerer of Montaia vinery executive secretary, Italia Director Simone Sacchetti

Montaia Feast

UK Director Rob Oades, Marika Degli Angeli the Executive Secretary Montaia Wines with guest UK BBQ Chef Marcus Bawdon


Boats moored alongside the canal at Cesenatico Town

Statue of man in Italy fenced around

Town statue Di Garibaldi Cesenatico

Ferry across river in town in Italy

Local Ferry on the local canal in Cesenatico