The Garden Of Italy is delighted to bring the wines from the Montaia vineyard direct to your table. The estate lies in the hills outside Cesena and just a few miles inland from the Adriatic shores. With a constant sea breeze, the microclimate is ideal for wine growing. Set within twenty-five hectares and comprising some six thousand five hundred vines per hectare, the vines are constantly tendered by Montaia’s agronomist which yield grapes of the finest quality.


Montaia has worked in collaboration with renowned oenologist Fabrizio Moltard to create and perfect two premium Sangiovese DOP wines, a “Superiore” and a “Superiore Riserva”. We are proud to bring these specific wines to you as part of our wine collection. Sangiovese is a DOC wine which is only produced in the provinces of Forli-Cesena, Ravenna and in seven municipalities in the province of Bologna. It was the first Romagna wine to be awarded DOC status

Montaia vineyard fields and buildings in the Italian countryside
rows of grape vines in montaia vineyard Italian countryside
view of montaia vineyard, fields and forests Italian countryside

“Sangiovese is to Italy what Cabernet is to France: wines that express the vine growing and wine making identity of an entire country” (Giacomo Tachis – universally acknowledged as the “prince of oenology” and the man behind the global renaissance of Italian wines”)



As an independent and family owned and run vineyard, Montaia is typical of the small producers of this region where quality is far more important than the volume of the mass producers. It is vineyards like this that we at The Garden of Italy are proud to promote and where we look to support to ensure not only that they continue to thrive but also protect the wine producing heritage of the region for future generations.