Garden Of Italy selection of Premium Italian red and white wine. Unique liveried artist designed labels.

Montaia Pignoletto Vino Frizzante

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Part of the four bottle The Garden of Italy Selection (only at Wickhams Wine) this lightly sparkling frizzante is best described as delicate with a background of apple and pear flavours that makes this a good choice as a mixer for a wine spritzer. But what makes this wine attractive is the bottle it comes in, with its wide shoulders and narrowing base, adorned with a print from the Italian surrealist painter Tonino Guerra. The striking gold and pink label shows a series of vases, with one containing Guerra’s brushes or pencils. But as the artwork is untitled it is difficult to find out more about this talking point. Each of the two reds and two white wines in the Selection show a different Guerra artwork thanks to an agreement with Guerra himself who rather liked the wines made by the vineyard Montaia.