Bistro chef

It was a delight and honour when friend Stephen Barrett, bistrowineman, wine educator and writer, popped in to catch up with our Development Director’s studio kitchen in the South Hams, in Devon.

Bringing along with him some fresh mackerel, he prepared a modern version of Soused Mackerel, using an ancient method of cooking and preserving fish. Stephen mentioned that it was the Cornish method to preserve fish.

Lucy George-Foster, (from the) Garden Of Italy team selected a delicious and invigorating bottle of wine Rubicone Chardonnay – Diverso, as a great match with its fresh fruit notes to enhance this full flavoured dish.

Cornish Soused Mackerel

A great starter or summer lunch time dish

The recipe consisted of 50 half water and, instead of using malt vinegar, use cider vinegar for the other half which adds a brilliant fruity taste to the dish.  Add fresh chunky vegetables placed around the fish, celery, banana shallots, carrots, lemon, and a small amount of  freshly grated ginger to give it a little kick, black pepper and salt.  Place some foil over the top of the prepared dish and place in the oven for 25mins on a medium heat, Gas 5.

When the dish is completed take it out of the oven, take away the foil, leave it to calm down and let  it cool. You will find it sets because of the bones inside the Mackerel, which will produce a lovely stock whilst chilling.

Serving Suggestion

The lovely vegetables make a wonderful pickled salad , pop a slice of the mackerel on top and pour a little bit of the pickled sauce.

Serve with fresh crusty bread.

GOI perfect wine Rubicone Chardonnay – Diverso

Presented in a uniquely designed and stylish bottle

The Diverso Chardonnay, produced in the Cesena Foothills of Romagna Region, near the Adriatic sea in Italy. The 100% Chardonnay, aged in steel casks, 13.5 % has enough big fruit and delicate acidity as its hallmark, with its abundance of fresh acidity to match this recipe, or Asian and other spicey dishes. Don’t serve it too cold, around 10-12 Celsius. Its full fruit crushed white ripe fruit, peached nectarines, white pepper spice, is utterly delicious with a citric note.  This wine will stand up to full flavour dishes, and as an ideal stand -alone aperitif.