It’s always an exciting thing for a wine writer to experience the emergence of a “New on-line Wine Company” this time emerging from our own City of Plymouth. Lucy George Foster known to many in the city as a PR Gru, Copywriter and great supporter of business in Plymouth has taken the (wine) plunge and along with business colleagues has created the on – line company Garden of Italy.

This will be the (on-line) vehicle to offer quality wines, initially from Bologna, followed by regional Italian produce initially to complement the wines. The process of creating this new business has been near to 12 months in creating. Along with her business colleagues they have financial and internet skills in truck-loads and along with Lucy’s marketing know-how are set to introduce the ever inquisitive wine world to a modern style of wines from the beautiful Italian region of Emilia Romagna.

I can vouch for the wines the great dishes, environs, towns and villages of Bologna (Emilia Romagna) as in late 2018 I had the privilege of visiting and tasting their exceptional wines including Sangiovese (rosso) and Albana (bianco) wines of great diversity and undoubted quality.

Lucy and her colleagues have chosen this region to kick-off their fledgling company and are now ready to sell through their website. Offering this diverse range incorporates exploring modern wines from what was perhaps perceived as one of the more traditional (wine) regions in Italy.

You noticed in my previous sentences I mentioned the grape (and wine) Sangiovese? This is an ancient and wonderful grape better known as the major component of Chianti. Sangiovese from Romagna is an altogether different beast as the varying soils, influence from the Adriatic plus a modern approach to wine making and vineyard management produce some wonderful examples often with a delightful “light touch”.

Albana is an ancient white grape bestowed the privilege of being Italy’s first white grape to be awarded the prestigious DOGC stamp of authenticity. I found an extraordinary range of styles from dry to dessert all elaborated and presented with style and imagination.

Internationally known grapes such as Pinot Bianco, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon are also offered for purchasing with the identifying appellation of Indicazione Geografica Protetta (IGP), meaning quality grapes are used but not from the better known DOC and DOGC wine appellations.

The website is ready to accept orders via with clear directions on how to purchase etc.

The wines offered are all sumptuously liveried and presented with an ultra – modern twist and will stand out as wines of distinction.

Montaia Prosecco Extra Dry DOC – from the Veneto – £65.95 for Six bottles plus P & P Deliciously dry with a defined apple and citrus note.

Montalia PG Pignoletto – DOC – Vino Frizzante – £62.50 plus P & P Offering big citrus noses and taste, gentle and great with alfresco dishes.

Montaia Pinot Bianco PG IGP – 2017 – £59.95 plus P & P Refreshingly aromatic and dry with a precise stone fruit note palate teaser. Try with shellfish.

Montaia Chardonnay Diverso IGP – 2017 – £59.95 plus P & P With modern temperature controlled wine making evident this green-tinged Chardonnay is “whistle clean” providing an excellent wine with homemade Seafood Risotto!

Montaia Cabernet Sauvignon Cubera IGP – 2017 £59.95 plus P & P With no trace of oak this fresh, red fruited Cab Sav is a modern distinctive 13.5% easy sipping Rosso. Match with strong – soft cheeses or your favourite Lasagna!

Montaia Sangiovese Vese DOP – 2017 £59.95 plus P & P Elaborated in Stainless Steel then finished in Barriques for 6 months the quality shines. Decant for best results and serve with hearty casseroles.

Montaia Sangiovese Superiore Sangio DOP 2017 £65.99 plus P & P After fermentation the Sangio is interned for between 12/15 months in Barriques after which it delivers a floral complexity on the nose followed by a cherry – scent over a vanilla note and fine tannins to the finish. Keep for a couple of years to benefit its classical complexity.

Montaia Zresa Sangiovese – Merlot IGP 2017 £53.59 plus P & P A juicy blend of Cherry scented Sangiovese and plumy even spicy Merlot is a casual stylistic wine with instant accessibility. Great with Grilled Leg of Lamb, Rosemary, sea salt and garlic.

Montaia Sangiovese Superiore Riserva – DOP 2015 £83.90 plus P & P With three years in wood this Riserva is a classy drop. Decant for best results to experience and tame the acidity that is Sangiovese. Juicy rare beef would be perfect!

This beautifully – presented range of wines are a great start for Lucy and Garden of Italy’s foray into quality wine on-line. Wholesale enquiries welcomed. Stephen Barrett is a Wine, Food and Travel Writer based in Plymouth.

Stephen welcomes correspondence via Find on Facebook, Pinterest, Google +, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram as @bistrowineman

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